Keren de Vreede
Open Ateliers Jordaan 14, 15 en 16 mei 2016, Amsterdam
Keren de Vreede
Keren de Vreede Art Gallery
Prinsengracht 308-A
1016 HW Amsterdam

Over de kunstenaar
An artwork by Dutch artist Keren de Vreede can be recognized by the thick layers and bright colors of paint, applied on the canvas by merely her hands using vivid strokes. Every work of art is filled with the passion to create and shows her lust for life. Over the years she has developed her own technique, incomparable to the work of other artist in this field. Her style can be described as abstract expressionism. Every painting is unique and a certificate of authenticity can be provided for each painting.

"Wild Blossom"
Prijs: € 9000,00