Harald Vlugt
Open Ateliers Jordaan 14, 15 en 16 mei 2016, Amsterdam
Harald Vlugt
Studio Vlugt
Rozengracht 105-A8
1016 LV Amsterdam
info@haraldvlugt.comwww.haraldvlugt.com 0652446008

Over de kunstenaar


Born; March 22 nd, 1957 , Bergen (N-H), Holland
Studio: Rozengracht 105 A 8
1016 LV Amsterdam, Holland
Tel. 00-31-20 - 6209178
Mobile: 00-31-6 - 52446008
Bank; ING 3544335
IBAN; NL09INGB0003544335
BTW.nr. 1317.51.220.B01
E-mail: info@haraldvlugt.com
binnenkant@hotmail.com ( private )
Website: www.haraldvlugt.com
Skype; Haraldvlugt1 Facebook Linkedin
1; Harald vlugt “ Collage Nieuw-Amsterdam “ a clip by Ger Poppelaars;
( in English ) www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngX5iELymsw (4:31 min.)
2. Harald vlugt “ Collage Nieuw-Amsterdam “ a clip by Ger Poppelaars;
( inDutch) www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJkrZDwHDNc ( 5:19 min.)
3; Harald Vlugt atelier www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1e7MbxPSdQ
4; Installation “Concert in the Egg” Concertgebouw Amsterdam .
Pol’s Hoogte / RTV-NH (3.05 m)
5; Explosition . The creation of the collage “Explosition “2008 ( in stopmotion ) .
clip by Ruben Koerhuis. www.youtube.com/watch?v=59qCw9Ti25U
( 1.57 minute )
6. House of print –The cathedral . 2012-project ; World’s biggest printed artpiece
;5-1000 m. bij David Mach (GB) and Harald Vlugt (NL ) . Concept and production;
Robbert Jan Blekemolen www.youtube.com/watch?v=BClHnZ9YYng
( 0.30 minute )
7; ( In English ) Harald Vlugt at symposium of most interesting person ,
www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHpJ3xpm8kw ( 17.07 minute )

Prent in oplage van 175 voor special editie “Wakend over god”, de laatste gedichten van Joost Zwagerman . presentatie; 26 jan. Felix Meritus. Uitgeverij Hollands Diep, Amsterdam.
- Curator Kunst10daagse Bergen , Buitenweide Het Hof. oct. 2015 Het Hof
Bergen (NH )
- Assignment Brabandse Kunsstichting , art in public space ; 2 monumental

- Talks with Ministery of education Aruba to lecture and give workshops in jan.
and feb. 2016 on all the 6 Dutch Antilles islands
- Invitation by the director to create a concept for an artpiece-collection-
exhibition in the Tropen Museum, Amsterdam .
- Masterclasses image vs word at NRC , Rokin –building.
lecture-room Amsterdam ,
- Masterclasses collage Vrije Academy , Amsterdam , nl
- Collage-workshop in Atlantic Modern Art Centre ( CAAM ),
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria,
- Beeldproeverij 5 ( collage-workshop ) in studio Rozengracht
- Schetch big assignment in the public space. Central Station , Zwolle, nl.
- Masterclasses Beeldproeverij-collageworkshops Vrije Academie, Amsterdam .
- Masterclasses image vs word on the Journalism Academy , Tilburg, NL
- Europe Art Project; total design and curating the design of a privat house
owned by a Japanese owner in Amstelveen NL.
_ Director biggest Real-estate-company of Texas visits studio HV .
In 1986 this architect bought an artpiece of my hand in Paris at Gallery
Nikki Diana Marquardt, named; “ New Regional Planning “ . He decided to
use the name as the name of his real estate-company . He bought a new
artpiece and talks start to collaborate in the future; exhibition in Houston
Texas, US.
- BEELDPROEVERIJ 2 -collage-workshops every Tuesday and Thursday-evening in
studio HV
- Lecture , masterclass and jury-member at the Maastricht Academy of fine arts ; weekproject; Vanity Fair , Maastricht, NL
- Development concept book for 100 year-Dutch Dentist Association , NL
- Start collaboration with Dutch writer Joost Zwagerman to make the book
“ De inwendige mens “, Proza vs. image ( collage ) .
- Contribution to the book`The wisdom of a happy little state/The Netherlands
` by Japanese author Noboru Konno . 2012.
- Masterclasses /workshop collage `Beeldproeverij ´in studio HV .Amsterdam
- Masterclasses collage for the Vrije Academie, Amsterdam, NL
- Visits Gambia , West Africa,
- Host –curator of “ Live in your livingroom “ -concert in my studio. ,
Two weeks working in South Portugal . Visits Sevilla , Granada and
Long lasting exhibition of 3 sculptures at top-restaurant “ Le Hollandais “
, Amsterdam ,
- Works several months on a collage as a “ historical mirror “ after the work of
Hendrick Haverkamp . Private assignment .
Works on new acrylic-one sculptures ; Sculptures with hands and books.
Sponsor-collaboration with company Xtandit , Ranx Xerox
Preparation collaboration-project with David Mach (GB) for the project
“ House of prints ” , Barcelona 2012 . The biggest printed artpiece on the
planet ( 5-1000 m. ) . Thousands of images will hang free in a cathedral of
scaffolding of 45 m high and 80 m. deep. ( Sponsors; Canon, Hp, Epson, Afga
and Kodak )
- Makes images for the NRC-newspaper .
- Vistits Sevilla , Spain,
- Starts new serie of new “ handsculptures “. Raisin –malls and booksculptures,
- Becomes for two years advisor of the AFK Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten
(Amsterdam Arts Council )
- Becomes advisor and committee-member for the Amsterdam city-Drawing-
- Lecture at Festival Arts vs. Literature `Mooie woorden `, Utrecht . forum with
Bianca Stigter and Joost Zwagerman .
- Masterclass Collage in studio Jordaan, Amsterdam .
- Big assignment ; 200-700 cm handmade collage for the new cruise-ship Nieuw
Amsterdam ,Holland America Line , Miami , US
- Baptizing cruise-ship; July 2010 in Venice, Italie by Dutch princess Maxima .
- Lecture “ Literature vs Art “ with writer Joost Zwagerman in Book Museum
Meermanno, Den Haag, NL
- Dutch filmer Ger Poppelaars produces a Dutch and English version of 5 min .
film about the collage Nieuw Amsterdam . ( published on YOUTUBE; harald vlugt
nieuw amsterdam )
- Sketch-assignment mega-project with Scottish colleague David Mach ; Biggest
printed artpiece ; 5-1000 m. Hung in a “cathedral” build of scaffolding 45 m high
and 80m. deep, 2011 Hamburg, Ipex, Grahical Fair.
- Visits Santo Domingo for exhibition at CIDAV ( Centro Internacional para el
Desarollo de las Artes Visuales de Santo Domingo ) , travels and vistits St. Kitts,
West Indies.
- Host-curator of “Live in your livingroom-concert in my studio , Amsterdam
- Represents Holland at the exhibition “Unity in diversity “ and gives lecture
during the 10-10-10 –celebration at Kas di Arte , Kralendijk, Bonaire, Dutch
Lecture with writer Joost Zwagerman , Museum Meermanno ( bookmuseum )
literature vs. art
Writes text “ Xavia “ for the book In Memoriam Brecht . 1953-2010. Stads
Museum Ijsselstein, NL

- Curator of the Sculpture-Esplanada, as member of the advising-committee,
art in public space, Amstelveen, NL,
- Assignment production 9 new graphic-editions for the Royal Caribean , Miami,
- Curating project Stadshart , as member of advising-committee, art in public
space, Amstelveen , NL,
- Lecture at Rotri-club , Amsterdam-Zuid., Amsterdam,
- Making two big collages after two new poems of writer Joost Zwagerman for
exhibiton in oct. in Bookmuseum , Meermanno, Den Haag, NL,
- Curating art-studio-diners in studio HV, Amsterdam , NL,
- Participant debate ; Arti , Amsterdam , NL “ the artist as cultural entrepeneur “
- Start production book “Totok2 “. Adriaan van Dis; 16 poems, HV; 16 collages.
Edition ; publishers 99, Haarlem, NL ( book )
- Fotoshoot by Hans de Bruyn , 2009 publication ; studiobook of 50 Dutch artists,
Haarlem, NL, ( book )
- Member Upload Cinema, members curate film-evening every month, Amsterdam,
- Production 17 m. long maquette Sculpture Esplanade , Amstelveen , NL,
- Curator Japanese Shibari-performance in studio HV for 50 people-art-audience,
Amsterdam, NL
- Sketch-assignment for new ship “New Amsterdam “ of Holland America Line, to
make 200-700 cm. collage , the most prominent artpiece on the ship in the
Explorers lounge, , Miami, US,
- Curating concept project Sculpture-esplanade, as member of advising-
committee, art in public space, Amstelveen , NL.
- Lecture-opening-speech for exhibition “Beenderzwart, zilverwit” in Ruine
Kerk, Bergen (NH) ( Exhibition in Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen (NH) , NL
- Advisor and committee-member art in public space for the city Amstelveen
- Curating studio-diners in studio HV, Amsterdam, NL,
- Start shooting 40- min. film about HV’s work by filmer Ruben Koerhuis,
- Installation of two artpieces in Brasserie Pays Bas, Zuidas, in Amsterdam, NL

- NRC Dutch quality newspaper, illustration/collage for weekly
frontpageLiterary supplement, concerning the options for a profile for the
"new minister of culture of Holland" after election day, nov.
- Sketch assignment Aegon 120 m wallproject digital print on dibond,
Den Haag, september
- NRC, national Dutch quality newspaper, illustration/collage for the weekly
Literary supplement, at the occasion of a written dialogue between
Leading writers Tom Lanoye and Arnold Grunberg on Willem Elsschot, Dutch
writer early 20 th century, april.
- Presentation at Art Fair Madrid, of selected works, by Gallery Niki Diana
Marquardt, Paris, February.
- Food art meets visual art , at the Binnenkant Galery , Amsterdam, private
gallery Harald Vlugt, march.
- Inauguration of Freedom of the Seas, world’s largest cruiseship –3
chandeliers in main promenade of the ship, april, Oslo.Norway,
- Sketch assignment Interpolis, Zoetermeer, NL, Internal atrium, over 5
- Sketch assignment Interpolis The Hague,NL 60 meters wall.
- Series of erotic prints, and new erotic work, Fun4two, Moordrecht.NL


- Wall project for an atrium of a Norvegian ferry, 6 x 9 meters, october. Oslo,
- Fabrication of 3 majestic chandeliers for an atrium of Norvegian ferry,
largest in it's kind. october.Oslo, Norway,
- Draft assignement for 96 meter wall, Waste and Energy company of the city
of Amsterdam, NL september.
- Collage for short story Cees Nootenboom, " Best Life" magazine, july.
- Installation of the " Concert in the Egg" (9x12 m, trevira= textile ) in the
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam, at the waterfront side of the (north
side), on the occasion of the inauguration of the building by HM Queen
Beatrix, june.
- Wall design on "Sea More", 4,5 x 12,5 meters, for Discritsbureau
PolitieIJsselland, Deventer,NL may.
- Lecture at section Arthistory, University Utrecht,NL
- Opening private galery at the Binnenkant 28, Amsterdam -all graphic
works (framed) and selection sculpture present, january.


- Draft assignment for implementation of Arts works in the new housing
project "Nieuw-Oosteinde" SW of Amsterdam. NL
- Private works : several graphic collages on holographic paper with mixed
- Collage for digital print Concertgebouw , Amsterdam, 9 x 12 m on the
occasion of 50 Years SBK (Foundation for Visual Arts) and the Dutch
Philharmonic /Dutch Chamber Orchestra. World-premiere of the music
composition "Concert in the Egg" by Hans Kox inspired by Hieronymus
Bosch (1450-1560). An interaction between music and visual arts muses.
- 3 weeks journey through Northern and South Vietnam
- Waterproof artpiece "My House is your House" for swimmingpool twice 2,5 x
4 m. digital print on dibond, LCA Cruiseship "Aqualandia", Oslo, Norway --- Travels 3 weeks in Vietnam . Visits Saigon and Hanoi.
- "Onze man in 't Heelal" - collages in collaboration with poet Pieter
Boskma.vs. Poetry, (full colour) for de Volkskrant, national Dutch
Newspaper. ( Dag van de poëzie )


- Design of monumental glass wall 12x4 meters for council meeting hall
Barendrecht,NL. Installed in cooperation with Studio America Digital printing
Studios, Leiden, NL
- Assignment to make sculpture for the Queen Mary II, Carnival Cruises,
Miami, USA
- Several collages for special edition of Adriaan van Dis ( leading Dutch
writer) of "OPTIMA", Dutch literary magazine around the theme "Bergen"
(dune village Northern Holland) - ed. Prometheus, Amsterdam, NL. (book)
- Production of a 18 x 8 meters theatre curtain for the world's largest
cruiseship Queen Mary II, Carnival Cruises, Miami, USA
- Lecture Academie des Beaux Arts de Tunis, Tunesia
- Selected for the selection 40 world artists, Senefelder Preis 2003
Dusseldorf, BRD

- Lectureship Royal Academy of fine arts, Antwerp, Belgium Curator and
mentor of Cuban artist Douglas Perez Castro at the Rijksacademie, Amsterdam
- Artist in Residence and production of 8 stoneprints at Muka galery Auckland,
NZ. -
Participating Artist in "children buy Art" project (worldtour project with world-
artists of 6 countries). Muka gallery, Auckland, NZ
- Installation of 19 Artpieces in Ajax Park de Meer, new housing block on the
former Ajax Footbalclub of Amsterdam stadium grounds, Amsterdam, NL.
With historical polder landscape references of the location and references of
Ajax Footbalclub history. Spectacular presentation of ceramic transfers in
outdoor environment, ornaments of the old Stadium "The Meer", silkscreen
ceramic graphical techniques, and large scale pavements polder patterns.
Co author design: David Mach (UK) and Robbert Jan Blekemolen (technical
advisor and implementation )
- Quest professor Sculpture -6 months and delegate examiner at the Royal
Academy of fine arts, Antwerp, B.


- Artists in residence: lectures and workshops at the CCA ( Caribean
Contempory Arts) in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago (West Indies) for 3 weeks
- Lectures at Theatre Zeebelt, Den Haag, about Max Ernst
- Participant an co-curator (of the caribean artists), for graphic project at Muka
Gallery,Auckland , New Zealand
- Participant educational graphical project foundation Parlutura., 'The tower of
Babel", Utrecht (NL)
- De winterschilders', a six month- collaboration-project with poet Pieter Boskma
(NL), poetry vs. collage, Ars Erotica; two pages every month in the Dutch
- Third prize Belgian Graphical Industries Award 2001. Neerpelt, Belgium

- Artist in residency: lectures and workshops on Aruba, Curacao and the
Dominican Republic for 3 months
- Commission for two mega size collages and lithographs, two collages and two
lithographs for the entrance hall and idem digital silk screens for restaurant and
the lounge of the new built Westin Millennium Tower Hotel in Rotterdam, NL
- Lecture at Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten , Den Haag,
- Assignment for two collages for the SAIL 2000 magazine (ed.:400.000) Amsterdam,
- Co-curator and lecture exhibition 'Le Nomade' by Fondation Bonk, part of
manifestation 'Lire en Fête', Institut Neérlandais, Paris,
- Illustrations for the literary contributions of Hermine Landvreugd, Anaïs Nin
Mensje van Keulen, in the Dutch Playboy
- Commission to design a 22 by 3 meters digital screen on artificial silk for the
boardroom of the Telfort headquarters (Atlas Building), Amsterdam, NL. Title:
"Eye am"
- Participating artist of "De Nomade", first edition of BONK (literature versus visual
- Commission for digital silk-screens for five Orthopedagogic Care centres,
Opbouw, Holland. Title: : The train of Noah
- Commission for two digital silkscreens, two collages and two lithographs for the
restaurant and the lounge of the newbuilt Westin Millennium Tower Hotel in
Rotterdam, NL
- Assignment for two collages for the SAIL 2000 magazine (ed.:400.000) Amsterdam,
- Frontpage design for 'Opmaat', cultural week planner of the Volkskrant, national
newspaper, Bookweekspecial
- Publication text in 'Innerscapes' (compilation of texts of visual around the world
artists) New York, USA, curator: Professor Mauricio Pellegrin (book)
- Advisor exhibition policy Comenius museum, Naarden-Vesting, NL
- Lives and works one and a half month in Valencia, Spain
- Design and production of six ornaments of bronze for each one of the four
cruise-ships of the Holland America Line, Miami, US
- Lecture at Rotri, A’dam ZO, Amsterdam ,
- Lecture at Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam ,
- Study-commission (with architect Maarten Min) Beach square Katwijk, NL (cat.)
- Illustrates the poetry-album of Dutch writer Adriaan van Dis, (collages), Title:
''Totok" (book)
- Study-commission for outdoor artpieces in a new residential area, on the
former location of FC Ajax soccer stadium, Amsterdam, NL, (with David Mach,
GB) (cat.)
- Commission to design and produce a 5.5 m. long painted-in photo collage
'Gezicht op 't Hoornvlies', Statenpoort Hoorn, NL
- Co-initiator , participating artist and board member of the foundation BONK,
publications of literature versus visual art
- Commission to design a 45m. long glass-wall, title: "Time after time" for
Rabo-bank Tilburg , NL, (book)
- State examiner on the graduation committee at the Rietveld Academy ,
Amsterdam, NL,
- Lecture at AKI, Art Academy Enschede, NL
- Commision to make full page in the Parool, Dutch newspaper
“De krant als uitgangspunt “ 19 feb.

- Lives and works three months, as invited artist in residence in Pontoise /Cité
des Arts, Paris, France
- Winner of the first prize , Dutch Graphic prize 1994 (photographical etchings),
Amsterdam , NL
- Installation of the three-dimensional ornaments and sculptures for the queens
hall of the Huis ten Bosch Palace, Huis ten Bosch City, Nagasaki, Japan
- Commission to make an installation for the Catholic University of Brabant,
Tilburg NL
- Design and production of the three-dimensional ornaments and sculpture for
the queens hall of the Huis ten Bosch Palace, Huis ten Bosch City,Rob Scholte;
painting 1200m2, HV; chandeliers, doorhandles, hinges, benches, airco-grills
etc. Nagasaki, Japan,
- Lecture at d’Witte Lelie, Art-teacher Academy, Amsterdam,

- Lives and works twelve months in the Van Doesburg-House in Meudon, Paris,
France. Builds up a wide range of contacts with the Paris international artworld .
- Lectures at Hope College, Michigan University, Holland, USA
- Graphic project “ 7 Dutch artists “ at printing studio Gordon Novak, Toronto, Canada
- Lecture at Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam,

- Lectures at the Academia Belles Artes Aruba, Oranjestad, Aruba, Dutch Antilles
- Lives and works two months in Valencia, Spain ,
- Project 'Torre di Babbele ' MuSaBA Museum, Reggio di Calabria, Italy
- Participates at the Venice Bienale . Exhibition “La scultura olandese “at
Palazzo Sagredo, Venice, Italy

- Artist-consultant of foreign art department committee of the Rijksdienst
Beeldende Kunst, The Hague, NL
- Lecture at Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam,
- Lives and works six months in Sao Paulo, Brazil
- Lives and works six months in New York, USA
(travelgrant Dutch Governement)
- One of the initiators and organizers of Gallery Aorta, Amsterdam, NL
- Curator exhibition “The World “, Gallery Aorta, Amsterdam , NL
- Lives and works three months in Cairo, Egypt
- Teachers training for painting and sculpture at d'Witte Lelie, Amsterdam, Nl
- Travels in Middle East, Asia and South East Asia


- “Kompas Bergen “ Het Hof, Bergen ( NH)
-“Voor en na het meesterwerk “ Castellvm Aqvae , Bloemendaal ; 9 collage vs 9 gedichten Joost Zwagerman .
- “Time after time “ Overzicht 2 en 3 dimensionaal werk en grafiek; Kunstuitleen Amstelveen .
- “Another city “, Gele gang , Amsterdam Museum , Amsterdam,
- “Voor en na het meesterwerk “, galerie Vous etes ici , Amsterdam . 9 kunstwerken n.a.v. 9 gedichten van Joost Zwagerman over het kijken naar kunst.
. “De ruimte trilt een pennestreek “ Gemeente Museum , Den Haag . Collages n.a.v. poezie van schrijver Joost Zwagerman .( met P. Bijwaard )
. “ Another world “, Waterland Museum , new sculptures , graphic and collages Monnickendam , NL

. “ Book my hands “ , Stadsgalerie ( City-gallery ) de Compagnie, Veghel , NL,
. “Samurai 1-2-3 ‘ , Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam, NL
. “Graphic overview “ 16 grafische multiples . De Nieuwe Nobelaer . Opening-exhibition Etten Leur, NL,
- Collages. CIDAV .Centro International para el Desarollo de las Artes Visuales de Santa Domingo, Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic.
. “Totok2”, gallery Nouvelles Image , Den Haag . 16 new graphical multiples after poetry of writer Adriaan van Dis.(book)
. Collection-exhibition . HV exposes his art-collection of works other artists. De Kring , Artsclub Amsterdam ,
. “Writer chooses artist “ Writer Joost Zwagerman chooses HV. De Kring , Artsclub, Amsterdam, ( new graphic, 2D and 3D )
. Exhibition work 2002-2006 at private Gallery Binnenkant 28, Amsterdam, NL.
. " Kiss my Flower" Ars Erotica. Fun4two, Moordrecht, NL.
· Exhibition at Bergman and van Laake Intermediairs in Fine Art and Antiques, 30 works Amsterdam, NL with collegue artists Kees de Goede and Stephan à Wengen.
. " Waar de blanke top der duinen" Prometheus Publishing House, at the occasion of the Adriaan van Dis monograph, Amsterdam,NL

· "Eyefood", Gallery Metis, Amsterdam, NL
· "The Dutch shoe mystery ", Muka Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
· "Island Hotel, a journey without a traveller, CCA, Caribean Contemporary Arts, Port of Spain, Trinidad
· "Traveljourney without a traveller", Museum for Communication, The Hague,NL
· "Hopi druk", Gallery Eterno, Oranjestad, Aruba, Dutch Antilles
· "Historia di un biahe sin biaheo", Instituto di Cultura, Oranjestad, Aruba, Dutch Antilles
· "Vitamina pa Wowo", Gallery 86, Willemstad, Curacao, Dutch Antilles
· "Pa bo wowo so",Cas di Cultura, Oranjestad, Dutch Antilles .

· "Pain, train, brain", Stichting Beeldende Kunst Centrum, Amsterdam, NL
· "Book me", sculptures and collages on, at and in books, Galerie Metis, Amsterdam, NL
· " Spring, Summer, Autumn", fifteen years of graphics of Harald Vlugt, openings exhibition Forrer, Lithograph and Galery, Bussum, NL
· "No is de oere" Museum ´t Coopmanshûs, Franeker, NL ( 2)
· "Hotel Europe" ("travel journey without a traveller"), Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL
· "Hotel Europe and more", Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt, Paris , Fr.
· "Framed" . Sculptures , collages and installation . Galerie de la Tour, Amsterdam, NL (3)
· "tGv", Galerie de Schone Kunsten, Haarlem, NL (book.) (2)
· "Senses of Reality", Stedelijk Museum Schiedam , NL (cat.)
· "Senses of Reality", Institut Néerlandais, Parijs, Musée Herblay, Herblay, Fr. (cat.)
· "L'ottobre degli Olandesi: Minimal Baroque", Galleria Bonomo, Rome , It (cat.)
· "Collages", Galery Luman Travo, Kunstrai Amsterdam, NL
· "Only Trophies", Centraal Museum, Utrecht, NL
· "President portrait", Multiples Gallery Seeger Reyers, Rotterdam,NL
· "Aleph-Contemporary Art", Almere, NL
· "Minimal Baroque II", Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt, Paris, Fr. (cat.)
· "Vice Versa", Centre d'arts plastiques, Ville franche sur Saône, Fr. ( cat)
· "Minimal Baroque", Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt, Paris, F (cat)
· "Gute Kameraden", Museum Fodor, Amsterdam (cat.),NL (1)

· "Sculptures", Stikker Stokker Gallery, New York, USA
· Galery The Living Room, Amsterdam, NL
· It's hard to live in the country", Galerie The Living Room, Amsterdam, NL (1)
· Markt 17, Enschede, NL, (1)
· Wir bauen eine neue Stadt", Galerie Aorta, Amsterdam ,NL (1)
· Where eagles dare", Galerie Jurka, Amsterdam ,NL (1)

1) with Aldert Mantje (NL)
2) with Pieter Bijwaard (NL)
3) with David Mach (GB)
4) with Diana Blok (NL)

- “Silence out loud “curator; Joost Zwagerman , Museum Kranenburg, Bergen (NH)
- “Copy paste “ , collages. Waterland Museum , Purmerend , NL
- “4 D “, 4 international sculptors galleria Sara Leon, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.
- “Woest “ Zomerexpo, Gemeente Museum, Den Haag.
- “Collage” Galerie Kop van waz. Wijk aan zee , NL,
. “ Prints made visible “ 5 grafici , SBK KNSMlaan, Amsterdam
. “ Een nieuwe lente “ Het kunstenaarschap kent geen grenzen ,
Corrosia-Expo, Almere haven , NL
. “Amor Fati “ Atelier Vennik, Haarlem , nl
. “ Marinedagen- Opening Rob Scholte Museum , Den Helder, NL
. “ Visafslag “, Vishal, Haarlem, NL
. “Flower Castle “, Kasteel Keukenhof, Lisse , NL
. “ God save the queen “ , Centraal Museum , Utrecht , NL
. “ Rollercoaster “ , Moti Museum , Museum of the image, Breda , NL,
( curator Joost Zwagerman )
. “ 25 e Duits-Nederlandse grafiekbeurs, Borken, BRD , D.,
. “Crucifixion Project” , ( David Mach ) , collage. Edinburgh City ArtCentre ,Edinburgh, GB”
. Kersvers werk van “ o.a. Harald Vlugt. Nieuwe aankopen 2011 , CBK ZO Amsterdam –Zuidoost.
. “ Een ode aan het kijken “ Beeld verplaatst. Joost Zwagerman en hetwerk van 14 Nederlandse kunstenaars, Book Museum Meermanno, Den Haag, NL, ( book)
. “Geestgrond Bergen “, Visual arts-music-literature, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen , (NH), NL ( book )
. “ Salon de l’amitie “. Een cultureel Genootschap rondom peter Giele, Arti, Amsterdam, NL,
. “Size doesn’t matter “ Vishal , Haarlem .in Solo-exhibition David Mach ( GB )
presentation collaborative artpiece; “Fatal Flowers “. , Haarlem , NL.
. “Niet netjes 2008 ” ( not decent ) Galerie Jabelle, Schiedam , NL
. “Niet netjes”. Art gallery De markgraaf, Kalmhout, Belgium .

. “Kunst kijken in Monickendam “ Installatie / performance , Monickendam, NL,
. " Heeft u ook een Rembrandt ?" Kunstuitleen, Utrecht, Utrecht , NL
. Presentation at Art Fair Madrid, of selected works, by Gallery Niki Diana Marquardt, Paris, February.
. Open ateliers ( open studio’s ) Jordaan , Amsterdam, NL.
. Park Weerwijk - Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen NH , NL

. Open ateliers Jordaan ( open studio’s ) , Amsterdam, NL,

“Senefelderpreis 2003”, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein Westfalen, Dusseldorf, BRD
· "Beelden in Bergen" Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen NH, NL.
· "Twee keer vijf is tien" Kunst Centrum Bergen, Bergen NH, NL.
· "De nomade" KCB Bergen (NH) , NL
· "De kus" , Museum Waterland, Purmerend, NL
· " Inmail/333", Haags Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst, Den Haag, NL
· "A public space, new art in Amsterdam", Arti, Amsterdam, NL(cat).
· "Forever Green", Gallery Insight, Oranjestad, Aruba , Dutch Antilles
· "Industryprice for graphic 2001, Belgium, Provinciaal Instituut Dommelhof, Neerpelt, B
· "Artist-books", Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL
· "Human in image in Dutch 20 th century sculpture", Stedelijk Museum Zwolle, NL (cat.)
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Jaar: Amsterdam, 2012
Afmeting: 85 x 125 x 6 cm
Lijst: hout, achter glas
Gewicht: 35 kilo
Materiaal: Mixed media, collage, muntstukken, acryl, etc.
Oplage: 1
Geëxposeerd: Zomerexpo, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag 2015
Courtesy: kunstenaar
Prijs: €. 17.000,- (excl. 6 % btw)
NB: Zusterwerk “ANOTHER CITY“ bevind zich in collectie Amsterdam Museum.
Prijs: € 17000,00