Tina Sejbjerg
Open Ateliers Jordaan 14, 15 en 16 mei 2016, Amsterdam
Tina Sejbjerg
Egelantiersgracht 484-K
1015 RR Amsterdam

Over de kunstenaar
As having grown up in Scandinavia my relationship to nature is a close and strong one, based on a mixture of deep respect and fear. The sea, mountains and woods in the North are wild, dark and seem unending. You can easily get lost. Nature is the powerful one; human being must find a balance and submit. Or is that a romantic Scandinavian approach?
Nature in the Netherlands is extremely cultivated. The balance is turned around. Here nature is made to submit to human being – land reclaimed from the sea, trees planted in straight lines, the sea controlled by sophisticated dyke systems and so on. Human being is in control. Or so it seems at the first glimpse.
The questions I investigate is to what extend nature can be domesticated in an attempt to control it or if it can be controlled at all. Is our approach to nature and its physical appearance determined by our cultural background? Or are we as human beings related to nature on a deeper “primitive” level?

Exposities en activiteiten
Website with CV: tinasejbjerg.wix.com/tinasejbjerg

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